I have been playing guitar for over 20 years, and am proficient in a range of styles, from acoustic, rock & roll and metal.

I regularly play in my own projects and professionally. Please see some links and examples of my work on this page.

Available for coaching, performing and recording. I can be contacted through my contact page or social media.

I also collaborate with Thom Parsons and we are available to hire as our own acoustic events band, Tom & Patch.

Click here for my YouTube Channel.

Patch Guitar Reel

Patch Guitar Reel

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*Info on teaching!*

I originally trained as an actor and have performed professionally as an actor-musician.

I have been playing for 20+ years, and am completely self-taught. I learnt guitar in a very methodical, nuts and bolts way, and that is what I will pass on to students. We'll discover the guitar together! My method is based in technique and will teach you how to PLAY the guitar. It's about putting the playing first and how the theory supports that, rather than the other way around.

Although with a focus to coaching performers, I teach beginners to advanced players, with a particular strength in improvisation. From nailing that first chord or breaking out of the blues box to tear up the fretboard, you’re covered.

The first lesson will start with a chat about where you are with the instrument and what you want to achieve. What’s your favourite song/player/riff? How will you achieve that? Then we will make sure you are comfortable with the guitar itself and start making (hopefully nice!) sounds.

I believe that teaching is a conversation, not learning by numbers. We will bounce off each other. All you’ll need is your guitar and preferably a pick. Playing guitar is one of the greatest things in the world, and the lessons are meant to be enjoyable and filled with discovery.

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